Virtual Tour

Have a Virtual Reality headset? Download a VR experience of this tour!

Zone 1 – Entrance

The Entrance introduces the main themes and topics of the exhibition. Through an interactive quiz, visitors gain an understanding of the criteria set by GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS. Scientific methods help define what can or cannot be a record. Engaging and interactive record attempts inspire visitors and ignite their desire to also be a record-breaker!

Zone 2 – Explore

Explore intriguing GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS titles and learn about the amazing science and technology involved in setting them. Try for a high score in one of the Attempt Arenas and get the inside scoop on breaking records from a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS adjudicator and a scientist who holds multiple record titles!

Zone 3 – Focus

Focus and experiment with tips and tricks used by memory record-breakers. Be challenged through hands-on interactives, video games, and large tactile puzzles – perfect for younger visitors.

Zone 4 – React

React and discover how age, type of stimulus, and perception can impact the speed of reaction. Experiment with tricks used by real record-breakers to improve their times at challenging interactives, and see the progress reflected on the leaderboard!

Zone 5 – Endure

Endure and learn about the physical requirements of record-breaking. Learn about muscle contractions and fatigue, discover if you are better at the balance boards or the hang bar, and walk away with a better understanding of the body’s endurance performance and how to improve it.

Zone 6 – Exit Experience

Reflect on your exhibition experience before you exit. Take a moment to chill in cozy video nooks while getting to know some more of the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title-holders – they are OFFICIALLY AMAZING! Visualize yourself as a title holder, or multi-title holder, as you pose and take photos with a variety of GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS certificates.